Deacon Art Miller

Born the youngest male child and sixth  in a lot of eight children, and namesake to his Grandfather Arthur Miller, Art stood out from the pack being the first male To graduate high school.  He learned early he had a knack for sales prior to working as a field agent for Neilsen ratings, which brought him to los Angeles from his home in Georgia.  Art rose from Sales Lead to Floor Manager of a high commission Department at Robinson-May, before being offered a key sales position at Sit and Sleep stores.  It was at this time that his health began failing and Art was diagnosed with the Aids virus and suffering from a pre-Alzheimer condition.  A fighter, Art completed a two year course of study at Santa Monica College graduating as an honor student of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.  He joined Unity Fellowship Church in 2003 and became active in Community service, lending his culinary skills to cook for several Feeding Ministries, including a skid-row feeding for over 16yrs.  He is the Chief administrative Officer for UFCLA Legacy Food Bank, And Sits on the Board of Directors of UFCLA as secretary.   In October, 2018, Art was ordained a Deacon of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement.