Elder Russell E. Thornhill Bio

Elder Russell E. Thornhill Co-Pastor

Elder Russell E. Thornhill, MA Co-Pastor

Elder Russell E. Thornhill’s mission to teach his community about health, wholeness and spirituality has enriched the lives of many of the disenfranchised and voiceless.

As a native of New York, his desire to educate and to liberate people in the arena of the Black Christian church and under served populations stems from his integral youth membership in the United Methodist Church and the internationally acclaimed company Up With People.  As a member of Up With People, Elder Thornhill served as an Ambassador of Peace for four years, traveling and performing throughout Europe, Africa and North America residing with over 200 families experiencing the local culture first hand. While in residence with Up With People, Elder Thornhill also served as an artistic director for international and national productions.

Upon leaving Up With People, his skills as a director and manager were cultivated by serving as the Senior Director of Training and Development at El Torito Inc.

Elder Thornhill’s deeper commitment to issues concerning Social Justice and Equality developed when he joined Unity Fellowship of Christ Church, Los Angeles (UFCC) in 1990. His discovery of the sacredness of “all living entities” has been accredited to the mission of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, “God Is Love and Love Is For Everyone.”

As a member of UFCC, Elder Thornhill observed that his innovative talents could be further used as an essential team member at Minority AIDS Project. After 25 years of serving in the commercial arena of sales and distribution, Reverend Thornhill joined the staff of Minority AIDS Project. In this capacity he served as Program Manager of Prevention Services managing the Men’s HIV prevention intervention, Housing Program and Hunam Resources.  He has also served as the Program Manager for the Say, Sistah Program, an empowerment project that affirms African American women to make better choices against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

He serves as an appointed member of the National Board of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement and executive assistant to the presiding prelate.

Elder Thornhill has completed ministry studies at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkley, CA. and has earned his Bachelor of Arts and earned his Masters Art in Organizational Management from, from Antioch University Los Angeles.  He is currently completing a second Masters of Arts in Theology from Claremont School of Theology (2018).  Elder Thornhill is the proud father of four children and eight grandchildren.  The New York native has resided in Los Angeles since 1976.

Elder Thornhill can be reached at (323) 620-7664 or revrussellthornhill@gmail.com