Co-Pastor’s Corner

From the Office’s of Co-Pastors Rev. Leslie Burke & Elder Russell E. Thornhill

Remember: God is Love and Love is for Everyone!

Rev. Leslie Burke RN, MPH, JD & Elder Russell Thornhill Co-Pastor of Unity Fellowship of Christ Church Los Angeles

Rev. Leslie Burke, RN, MPH, JD, M. Div & Elder Russell E. Thornhill, MA

Co-Pastors of Unity Fellowship of Christ Church Los Angeles


NEW BEGINNINGS : Building and Growing for the Next Generation


 To be the cornerstone of Progressive Theological Thought and Social Justice Engagement

To strategically build Social Justice Ministries for the Next Generation

To develop leadership for future church growth


The primary work of Unity Fellowship of Christ Church is to proclaim the “SACREDNESS OF ALL LIFE,” thus focusing on empowering those who have been oppressed and made to feel shame.  Through an emerging international network, UFCCLA works to facilitate social change and improve the life chances for those who have been rejected by society’s institutions and systems.  Although its pivotal work focuses on the urban weak and powerless, the scope of its work is inclusive and has significance for all people.



Compassion, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Service, Stewardship, Sustainability

Progressive Theology, Transparency, Wholeness and Wellness

Since we entered our new location on June 2, 2013, the church family has accomplished amazing fetes.  WE want to THANK YOU for all of your love and support for all of your hard work and dedication.  WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE EVERYONE OF YOU.

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